My Time at The Pines

Show us a favorite moment from your trip to The Pines Resort for a chance to win a $100 gift card for Ducey's on the lake and more.

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Submissions are now closed, but you can still join the fun. Show some love for your favorite story and earn something special for a future stay with us!
Kristin M.
“Having dinner and our first time watching the Christmas parade!”
Kelley B.
“Our first family trip to the Lake, my kids first time to a lake at all. This is Kynslee at 4 months old, you’re never too young for a boat ride, with her oldest of 3 big brothers. We tired to get dad to re-live the great outdoors scene but didn’t happen.”
Susan J.
“We always make time to drive up from Fresno and enjoy the lake. This day, my daughter caught me relaxing and admiring the view.”
Merri P.
“Came to Bass Lake for the day and just couldn’t leave it was so beautiful! So glad we stayed! Amazing sunset!”
Gabby J.
“We loved that we were able to have a BBQ on the boat it was a wonderful way to spend the day! Going back next year for sure!”
Abby H.
“I have gone to Bass Lake with my family every summer since I was born. My father's great great grandfather started the family tradition of going to Bass Lake every summer. This tradition has shaped me to who I am today. It is my absolute favorite place in the entire world! In August, I decided to get a Bass Lake tattoo of the two iconic trees sitting in the water across from the beach we usually stay at. I love Bass Lake!”
Victor L.
“We enjoyed going into the lake and being able to BBQ.”
Kevin W.
“It was a great room upstairs in the lodge with a view of the lake from the balcony. We enjoyed the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere.”
1st Place
$100 Gift Card For Ducey's On The Lake
2nd Place
One-Night Stay in The Pines Chalet
3rd Place
$75 Gift Card For Ducey's On The Lake
$25 Gift Card For Ducey's On The Lake
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